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Posted on 4/24/2014 in Herbal Cigarette Blog
Are you a director or producer? Does your film, TV show, or theatrical production feature characters that smoke cigarettes? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Herbal cigarettes are the ideal way to simulate smoking if you have a television show or a play that requires actors to smoke. Ecstacy makes the most realistic, yet fully functioning herbal cigarettes in the world. Our cigarettes come in a variety of blends with different consistencies since there are a wide variety of tobacco preferences out there. With brand variations like lights, full flavor, and menthols, we decided that the entertainment world could use some fake cigarettes from each category should the script call for a character to smoke.
If you need to emulate Marlboro Reds like AMC’s Mad Men, we suggest you check out our Ecstacy Red blend. But if you want to go with the classic white look like HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, we can satisfy with the Ecstacy Whites. All of our cigarettes are made with legal, non-carcinogenic, aromatherapy herbs such as mugwort, damiana, mullein, and lobelia. They emit clouds just like tobacco without any of the harmful side effects or disorienting “buzz” so they are perfect for your actors and will pass fire codes whether you’re using them on stage or on a sound stage or movie set.


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People have been smoking cigarettes since what seems like the beginning of time. Reasons for it range from anywhere to taste, enjoyment of inhalation, and other social reasons. While some of these pleasures can be worth it for certain people, considering the negatives a lot of folks have also gotten either sick or don’t want to experience any possible ramifications from smoking. I was part of the latter as I have personally never really got directly sick from smoking, but I didn’t want to encounter that possibility in the future. Quitting smoking didn't seem like the realistic thing to do, at least for now. Smoking was just such a great activity to let go. One of my buddies down in Acapulco told me to try herbal smokes..
This advice ended up being one of the best advices he has given me. Herbal smokes are similar to standard cigarettes except they contain no tobacco or nicotine in them.Most of them   contain different variety of herbs which are in the same biological family as tobacco but without any nicotine which is known to cause a lot of harmful health problems. This is great as it’s  basically a healthier substitute for smoking tobacco. The first time I tried smoking these herbal smokes I almost instantly felt a great relaxation effect which was similar to tobacco but didn’t have all those harmful byproduct effects, and it feel smooth during the smoking process. Herbal smokes have now become my main method of smoking and as result I feel much better, and did not have to give up what I love.


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Herbal cigarettes are one of the best moves I’ve made for my body. If you’re like many baby boomers, you grew up in a household where smoking was the norm. Mom and Dad smoked often in the house, even at meals. Naturally when I was a teenager I started smoking with my friends. The cigarette addiction wasn’t something I really worried about until the 80’s. Even though there was loads of health information available from the media, scientists and the tobacco industry itself, I was set in my ways to a point where it didn’t matter what my doctors told me. I just had to have that fix, that comforting routine to keep me focused and relaxed throughout the day.
The moment everything changed was in 1987, when my mother contracted emphysema. She suffered for three years, before finally succumbing to the disease. This was devastating to me; I saw firsthand what the whole world had been telling me. Watching her devolve as a result of her long standing habit absolutely shocked me into a new appreciation of what cigarettes would do to the body. I decided it was time to get my decisions more in line with a healthful approach to life.
In cutting back on my intake of nicotine I felt like I was still missing the physical act of smoking and holding something in my hand. Rather than go for the vape pens and “e-cigarettes” that are now a trending craze, I opted to substitute a couple cancer sticks each day with herbal cigarettes and I haven’t looked back. Thanks to Ecstacy herbal cigarettes, I have cut back significantly on the amount I was smoking and am very close to quitting completely!


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Herbal cigarettes are great as a smoking alternative to standard cigarettes as they provide several benefits. Many folks who smoke these herbal cigarettes either do it to decrease overall smoking, to replicate smoking like on a movie set, or simply for its taste. Coming straight from using tobacco cigarettes many people find herbal cigarettes do be quite different. Herbal cigarettes use a variety of different exotic herbs that some have never seen or possibly never heard of. These herbs are nicotine free and do not carry the same health problems associated with tobacco smoking. Some say these herbs have very similar tastes to tobacco as many are actually close or part of the same biological family. Some of the exotic herbs contained in the Ecstasy Cigarettes are Sage, Mullein, Wild Dagga, Green Rhoibos, Siberian Motherworth.
Out of all the Ecstacy Herbal Cigarettes the best tasting might actually be the Cannabis-Free packs. I have tried all of the packs mostly the Whites as my cousin always orders them because they are lighter  than any other pack she says. The Whites are nice, just too much on the lighter side. If your someone who is use to smoking lighter cigarettes, but want a herbal type these should fit the bill. The way these cigarettes were made was for them to resemble a more “herbal” aroma taste and smell. With the Cannabis-Free cigs, to accomplish the more herbal effects they use leafier and greener herbs. The result is a great tasting cigarette that is free from all those harmful and thick properties of straight tobacco cigarettes. Even when comparing these Cannabis-Free smokes to standard cigarettes you find out there, I have yet to try something that tasted so unique and fulfilling. Never tried herbal cigarettes and not sure which one to get? Try the Cannabis-Free Ecstacy Cigarettes and get hooked.


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I love smoking, but hate the health effects that come with it. There are so many out there that constantly have to deal with all the negatives associated with extended usage of smoking cigarettes. A bunch of my friends have kept telling me to quit smoking immediately because of the health problems that are possible. While that seems like the noble and the “will power” thing to do it’s not as easy as it seems. Luckily I discovered nicotine free cigarettes. After the first time I tried it, I knew it was something that I had to buy. I got the same feelings of smoking regular smokes, without all that bad stuff in nicotine cigs. The urge was relieved, and it was nice feeling smoke in my lungs like usual. Over time, since using these non-nicotine cigarettes I have decreased my smoking tremendously. I would have never thought that smoking would actually decrease smoking use. It sounds like a contradicting statement but it really works. Now I only smoke these herbal smokes whenever I get the urge which is seldom. I recommend anyone who wants to decrease or even quit smoking to try nicotine free smoking alternatives.
There are lots of people who use herbal cigs as an alternative as well as people in the entertainment industry as a prop. While they might still smoke nicotine cigarettes, herbal smokes are just something else to go along with it. In the entertainment industry, especially in movie sets people use them as a replacement for nicotine smokes as many do not want to deal with consequences of smoking nicotine. From personal use, I believe these nicotine free cigarettes can be used as a method for quitting smoking. You will still get fulfillment from the process, but without the same addictive properties you won’t be compelled to smoke all the time. It might seem a bit counter intuitive, but try it out and see if it this method actually works.


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Tired of cigarettes filled with all that tobacco and nicotine? Looking to quit or slow down smoking? Don’t worry as there is a great alternative to standard cigarettes out there in the form of herbal cigarettes. These types of cigarettes from the surface look the same as any other kind of cigarette with just one key distinction. There is no tobacco and or any addictive properties such as nicotine to be found inside. What makes these types of smokes special is that that packed with herbal substances that instead of having harmful additives, actually contain certain herbs that serve a medical use. People familiar with herbal cigarettes have mentioned how they are good for relaxation or even focus. With these benefits over tobacco cigarettes, you would wonder why someone wouldn’t at least try for themselves herbal cigs. A popular brand that use these kinds of herbs is Ecstacy Herbal Cigarettes.
Popularized by the actors on stage during the shooting of Mad Men, these cigarettes have gained widespread appeal for its unique characteristics. You might wonder why Hollywood would want to use herbal cigarettes for their productions, but it does make sense when considering actors and their cigarette usage. A lot of people are turned off by tobacco cigarettes as they contain nicotine and other potential harmful chemicals. With the Ecstacy Herbal Cigarettes, you get a full size cigarette without any of those negative effects. If you are familiar with smoking cigs you will notice a similar feel as these herbal smokes try to replicate the experience you would receive from smoking traditional cigarette. As far as the taste it features a full flavor with a nice aroma added on top of it. There is even a menthol flavor in herbal form for people who enjoy that menthol taste. For folks who like the richer and thicker smoke of red packs, Ecstacy also offers their own version of Reds.


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Smoking cessation aids are a dime a dozen nowadays. From the patch to the gum to the electronic cigarettes, it seems like everybody has a substitute for good old cancer sticks. The trouble is that most of these methods offer a rush of nicotine but they don’t truly emulate the experience of smoking. You see, I really need the full experience of having a burning stick of herbs resting between my fingers. I need the tobacco burning sensation in the back of my throat. I need the ability to converse with sexy smoker babes at a concert if the occasion arises.
For this reason, I just can’t bring myself to adopt the e-cigarette aesthetic. It doesn’t feel like a regular cigarette and it doesn’t emulate the classic cigarette experience. I just don’t think I can make that kind of leap; my mind really won’t let me. I need something that I can use as a real substitute for the experience not just the toxins. This is why I am now smoking herbal cigarettes; they taste similar to my old favorites, Camel Turkish Golds. In fact, they taste better, but they don’t have the carcinogens.
My original blends allow me to maintain my smoker habits, like dragging in a traffic jam and talking to hot smoker chicks at concerts and bars. But I don’t get the harmful effects, and slowly I’m sure my mind will adjust to the difference. Eventually I will be able to quit altogether, but thank God these herbal cigarettes are here to help me slowly adjust to life without nicotine.


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While being on a decline in use for some time now, cigarettes still have a sizeable number of addicts who have never explored the alternatives. I was one of those people, I wanted to quit or at least decrease my smoking dramatically. For me it started becoming expensive and I started noticing the immediate health problems associated with smoking nicotine cigarettes. I can’t imagine the consequences after 20 or 30 years of smoking, that must be really harsh! The only problem was figuring out the best way to achieve my goal of decreasing the amount of smoking I was doing. It took some time but luckily I eventually found some alternatives. I could just quit out of the blue, which is the hardest thing to do or could use some substitutes. Having the willpower to just tell myself to slow down or quit takes tremendous effort and can lead to some bad withdraw effects. For substitutes, I was recommended herbal cigarettes and E-cigarettes.
After trying both of these recommendations, I enjoyed and noticed the best results from using herbal cigarettes. Herbal cigarettes are essentially nicotine free cigarettes. They contain non-addictive herbs, contrasting from standard cigarettes which contain highly addictive tobacco with nicotine. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances in the world, and responsible for the many problems associated with smoking. With herbal cigarettes along with being nicotine free, use natural herbs that have been used to help with certain health problems. The main thing herbal cigarettes have helped me when trying to decrease smoking use is it alleviates my urge and feeling of having smoke in my body. A big problem when trying to quit smoking is having the urge of smoke in your lungs. Nicotine free cigarettes control this issue, without damaging and being addictive. For anyone trying to decrease their smoking or just want something they can smoke to balance out the nicotine use, herbal cigarettes are a great choice.


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People who work in the entertainment industry may need to use cigarettes as either props or actually for use in many of their sets. Lot of stories and plots require smoking, as it plays an important role in certain movies. The problem lies when a lot of times, actors or others do not smoke cigarettes due to the nicotine or the dislike of smoking products. What is great is that they don’t have to use nicotine or regular cigarettes to simulate the visual look as they would if they actually were smoking. They are many ways around this problem, but a great way that will keep it the most similar, is by using imitation or substitute cigarettes.
For all the cigarette substitutes offered nowadays, the most common ones offered are e-cigarettes or herbal cigarettes. These substitutes have the power to satisfy the urge to smoke without the harmful effects that tobacco cigarettes entail. The urge to smoke is satisfied with these alternatives permitting an excellent transition. Another facet of those types of smokes is their contents. With the usual, common cigarettes the ingredients can be harmful and addictive. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances in the world. These herbal smokes don’t feature anything harmful. For electronic cigarettes, no harmful gas burning and high heating temperature method happens because the contents are vaporized providing a cleaner and healthy way of smoking. Another cool feature is the herbal cigarettes have ingredients in them which can alleviate some health problems. People who are in need of using smoking devices in film or other media sets can greatly benefit from using these alternative cigarettes, which still keep the same look and feel of a traditional cigarette making it great imitation alternative.


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When it comes to cigarettes, I only smoke menthols. I enjoy the taste and smoothness of menthol cigarettes compared to regular cigarettes. Cigarettes without menthol feel really harsh and the dense tobacco smoke is a lot more pungent. Even though I love smoking menthols, I hate the negative health aspects associated with smoking nicotine or tobacco. Having been a smoker for many years, the effects have crept on me slowly. Persistent coughing and less stable metabolism are just some of the consequences. I have always wished someone would make nicotine free menthols. The other day one of my good friends told me about herbal cigarettes. I was excited to hear that they made smokes without tobacco or nicotine. Of course as an exclusive menthol smoker, I asked if menthol herbal cigarettes existed as well. When I found out they did, I immediately went out and tried them out. After my first use, I was hooked. Herbal Cigarettes then became my primary form of smoking.
Menthol herbal cigarettes provide the same tobacco-like feeling of smoke without the harmful effects of nicotine. These menthols still had that fresh minty flavor that I would crave daily. This was truly revolutionary for me, as I finally found something I could enjoy without worrying about the addictive and negative properties of standard cigarettes. Eventually after using these types of cigarettes for a while, I decided to try non-menthol herbal ones. To my disbelief, I could actually enjoy cigarettes that did not contain menthol. Granted they were not tobacco cigarettes, but I was never a fan of menthol-free smokes and these herbal cigarettes made me enjoy them. Another thing that occurred since beginning my herbal menthol transition is that I have noticed my overall smoking dependency drastically decrease. By eliminating addictive elements like regular cigarettes, menthol herbal cigarettes have helped me slow-down my smoking habits and I have felt a noticeable reversal of my health problems.


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Many people are in the everyday struggle to quit smoking; they try many things to quit from taking medications to reading books written on the very subject. With all the solutions available out there, one would think they it should be an easy process for them to quit. What many people forget to consider, is the advantages of using herbal cigarettes to quit smoking. You might wonder, “that is strange, using herbal cigarettes to stop smoking”? It has worked for me and I am sure it can work for anyone else. The point is you want to quit, but still get the urge associated with smoking. You want to prevent or circumvent the feelings surrounding the use of these cigarettes causing your tobacco addiction. The use of herbal cigarettes still gives the user the feeling of the sensations with smoking, like feeling the air in your lungs or getting that buzz feeling you get from tobacco but without the effects.


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I’ve been a smoker on-and-off for twelve years now, and my favorite brand is Marlboro. I love the Blend 27 cigarette as well as the classic Reds. Having started on Camel Lights and Turkish Gold, I was looking for more boldness in the flavor and more buzz for my buck. That’s when a friend told me to try a Lucky Strike. Well, let me tell you those were way too intense for me. I decided I needed to get the potent buzz factor without doing so much damage to my lungs and mouth. So I opted for a filtered cigarette that still packs a punch: the Marlboro Red. I went everywhere with my Marlboro Reds, never even thinking that a tobacco free cigarette could provide the same intense flavor and rush.

That was until I discovered Ecstacy Herbal Cigarettes and their full-bodied Reds. These are the best tobacco substitutes available! I was amazed when I took my first drag. Not only do they provide the smooth earthy flavor that you’re used to in Marlboro reds, but these herbal cigarettes are just as potent and buzzy to the head. It’s incredible. Now I’m getting the enjoyment and oral fixation but without doing damage to my lungs, mouth and throat. If you want to curb your nicotine addiction, I would highly recommend Ecstacy herbal Reds to get you on the path to full cessation.


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I wasn’t a hardcore smoker, but I was addicted to nicotine nonetheless. I was smoking five to ten nicotine cigarettes per day and I wanted to quit smoking to improve my health. I tried going cold turkey but I still needed to satisfy my oral fixation and my cravings were becoming unbearable. You see, the whole reason I started smoking was because I wanted to look cool, act cool, and impress girls. Hey, it’s kind of embarrassing, sure. But it’s the truth. It was an image thing, and that’s really what all addictions are: a mental obstacle we have to overcome.

I decided to make a plan to reduce my consumption of nicotine. I would only smoke occasionally, primarily when under significant stress or in the company of other smokers. I then replaced half of my daily Marlboros with Ecstacy Herbal Cigarettes, which caused me to smoke less tobacco cigarettes each day. Since they looked similar and taste similar, I wasn’t really aware of when I was getting an herbal cigarette as opposed to a tobacco cigarette. This placebo effect really helped me keep things in line.

Then I reduced the Ecstacy Herbal Cigarettes gradually until I quit smoking altogether, keeping a log of every cigarette smoked, and noted my progress in a personalized grid. The best way to go is to make your first cigarette of the day an Ecstacy nicotine free cigarette. This way your brain craves that taste throughout the day rather than that of nicotine.


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Great news for those who have decided to quit smoking this year—even though you may have backslid a little bit on your resolution, there is still a terrific alternative available so you can make 2013 the year you kick tobacco for good! What is that alternative? It’s herbal cigarettes. These are cigarettes made with neither tobacco nor nicotine and are made with only natural ingredients. Once you’ve made up your mind to quit smoking, these tobacco free smokes can be a big help.

First of all, these are tobacco free cigarettes, and don’t contain any of the other harmful toxins found in traditional cigarettes. Instead of nicotine and tobacco, Ecstacy herbal cigarettes contain aromatic herbs and natural leaves like rose petals, corn silk, and mullein. They come in menthol, traditional full flavor, lights and cannabis-free to help you make a painless transition into nicotine free cigarettes, which can in turn help you quit smoking altogether. The cigarettes are made from powdered and pulverized herbs that are further mixed with liquid clarified butter. The mixture gets poured into paper tubes and then finished with filter tips and stored into packs and boxes.

Many disciples of nicotine free cigarettes maintain that the herbal blend actually helps improve health and heal illnesses. People also assert that the smoking allows for a more full rehabilitation of the vocal cords and can even aid digestion. As with their nicotine counterparts, tobacco free cigarettes provide a therapeutic effect and help calm the nerves.


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Mullein is a mucilaginous herb that carries a cool, slightly bitter flavor that promotes healing and soothes bodily tissues. Mullein is recommended for its antiseptic, diuretic, expectorant and analgesic properties. The saponins contained in mullein help to loosen and remove mucus from the lungs, while the mucilage works to soothe the mucus membranes and the iridoid glycosides help fight inflammation. Mullein can be used to treat internal conditions such as coughs, whooping cough, bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, influenza, tonsillitis, tracheitis, urinary tract infections, insomnia and nervous tension. Externally, mullein can be used to treat earaches, sores, eczema, boils, rheumatism, hemorrhoids and chilblains.

Ecstacy Herbal Cigarettes uses mullein to create a nicotine substitute blend for all of these therapeutic properties listed. Rather than ingesting tobacco, you can have the traditional act of smoking without the toxins; instead enjoy the calming effect of mullein and other miracle herbs!


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Go easy on your wallet with an Imperial Smoke disposable E-Cigarette from Ecstacy! These high-quality electronic cigarettes deliver total satisfaction and the highest puff efficiencies on the market. Now you don’t have to recharge any batteries, clean or change a cartridge, and there are no more atomizers to screw in. After the unit is finished, you simply throw it away!

What you won't be throwing away, however, is your money. For only $8 the Imperial Smoke gives you the same number of puffs as 2 packs of regular cigarettes. That’s doubling your value, and what’s more: Imperial Smokes come in 7 unique and distinct flavors for you to enjoy.Whether you are trying to quit smoking, or simply save money, an Imperial Smoke disposable e-cigarette is the way to go.


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Do you love AMC's Mad Men? We sure as hell do. And it’s not just because of the scintillating dialogue and magnificent acting, but because we are an integral facet of the show! Set in 1960's New York City, Mad Men hearkens to a bygone time when prolonged cocktail hours, chauvinistic banter, and chain smoking were as ubiquitous in the workplace as coffee breaks and water cooler gossip. The show strives for verisimilitude but during filming they cannot legally have the actors smoking tobacco cigarettes. That's where Ecstacy Herbal Cigarettes take center stage. Though the packs say Marlboro, Vantage and Lucky Strike, what's really inside the packs and dangling between the actors' fingers are Ecstacy Herbal Cigarettes. These world-renowned tobacco free cigarettes appear virtually every 2 minutes on AMC's hit drama.

Though they may be accustomed to smoking regular tobacco cigarettes, the actors consume Ecstacy herbal smokes with relish, maintaining the illusion of ingesting the harmful tobacco. There’s no difference in either appearance or effect: the head rush is terrific. However you do get a distinctly different flavor when smoking herbal cigarettes. This discrepancy in taste arises due to the herbs that are substituted for tobacco in the herbal smokes.Herbal cigarettes are made using a variety of consumable products as filler in the cigarette. Ecstacy’s tobacco free cigarette is made of corn silk, lotus leaf, licorice root, and other assorted herbs to create the delicious aromatic flavor. If you’re ready for full-bodied flavor with none of the risk, pick up a pack of Ecstacy Herbal Cigarettes today.


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A lot of people like menthol cigarettes because they provide the nicotine buzz you crave while also giving the user a slight chill. This isn't an accident. It's been proven scientifically: the menthol in cigarettes triggers the cold-sensitive nerves in the skin without an actual drop in temperature. Menthol smokers tend to like this chilly rush as it is a pleasurable sensation which enhances the nicotine buzz. Additionally, many people say that the menthol actually freshens their breath as they smoke them.

You can enjoy these exact same benefits with tobacco free menthols from Ecstacy Cigarettes. As with their tobacco-stuffed counterparts, Ecstacy herbal menthol cigarettes have the added flavor of menthol, but none of the toxic additives. The minty flavor does not detract from the taste of the herbal blend but it actually augments it with a distinct metallic overtone, kind of like inhaling a lit screwdriver. In Europe, leaders have threatened to ban menthol and other flavored cigarettes because it purportedly encourages young people to take up the detrimental habit.

Interestingly enough, studies have shown that menthol cigarettes can inhibit nicotine metabolism. We are excited about the potential for people to curb their nicotine addictions by smoking new herbal menthol cigarettes from Ecstacy. Herbal smokes of any flavor are simply a great alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Now that Ecstacy® has rolled out these nicotine free menthol cigarettes you can enjoy that distinct menthol flavor and chilly sensation without doing permanent damage to your mouth, throat, gums and lungs.


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Ecstacy Herbal cigarettes represent a simple, non-threatening way for addicts to quit smoking. Think of it as a stepping stone to full smoking cessation. Many smokers are more addicted to the act of smoking because it evokes a feeling of sexiness. There's the anticipation and erotic nature of the fire dance inherent to lighting a cigarette not to mention the necessity of having something to hold in their hand and occupy their mind. This is all addiction is: a simple lie of the mind which requires the addict to untrain it. When you switch one of your tobacco cigarettes for a healthy herbal cigarette, you won't sacrifice any of the aspects of smoking you enjoy. Herbal smokes taste much better than traditional cigarettes and contain none of the harmful chemicals, additives or byproducts that are involved in nicotine cigarettes. We recommend replacing your cigarettes with tobacco free cigarettes slowyly, starting with 1 to 3 each day, depending on how heavily you smoke.

You don't need to get rid of your old smokes immediately. Not everyone can quit cold turkey, so don't beat yourself up. Just get a pack of Ecstacy Herbal Cigarettes and smoke one at the times you would normally smoke. If you have to smoke a regular one to assuage the cravings, that's totally normal. Just stick to a plan of replacing a few with your nicotine free cigarettes and you will wean yourself out of the addiction. This process will allow you to maintain the oral and physical fixations, and allow you to still socially smoke with friends, while reducing the amount of tar, nicotine and harmful toxins going into your body. Over a few months with our herbal smokes, your brain and body will no longer crave nicotine and you can quit smoking for good.


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Ecstacy Herbal Cigarettes are the healthy alternative to smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. These Herbal Smokes contain absolutely no tobacco or nicotine and instead have only all-natural herbs like Chinese lobelia, lotus leaf, green tea, and sage leaf. Ecstacy Products carries a wide selection of Herbal Cigarettes, including Whites, Reds, Originals, Menthols, and Cannabis-Free. Each of these blends has a distinct flavor and taste that cater to a wide variety of pallets. Furthermore, these Herbal Cigarettes have no additives or chemicals like most other tobacco cigarettes. So if you’re looking to quit or a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, then give Ecstacy Herbal Cigarettes a chance.