Ecstacy Cigarettes

If you have questions about herbal cigarettes, chances are you’re not alone. Many people today are curious about herbal cigarettes. In our Frequently Asked Questions, we provide insights into some of the most common questions people have about herbal cigarettes.

Questions about herbal cigarettes

What herbs are used in your herbal cigarette blends?
Our blend consists of the following herbs: Marshmallow Leaf, Rose Petals, Red Clover, Clove Powder, Liquorice, Wild Lettuce, Sage, Apple Juice, Honey, Acetic Acid and Vanilla Liquid.
Are there any chemical additives added to Ecstacy Cigarettes?
Are Herbal Cigarettes Addictive?
Tobacco Cigarettes contain a very addictive substance called nicotine. Our herbal cigarettes contain absolutely zero nicotine.
What is the age requirement for purchasing Herbal Cigarettes?
The required age for purchasing our Herbal Cigarettes is dictated by the legal requirments of the state we're shipping to (typically 18 to 21).


Questions about Ecstacy© Brand Herbal Cigarettes

How many herbal smokes come in a carton?
Each carton consists of 10 packs.
Do you ship nationwide?
Absolutely. We ship everywhere in the US.
How soon will my order be processed and shipped?
We ship all orders within 1-3 days. However, most orders ship out same day.
How much is shipping?
Domestic Shipping is Free for orders over $20. Express Shipping options are also available during the Checkout Process (Price depends on location and method).
How will my herbal cigarette order be shipped?
We typically ship all orders via USPS or UPS.